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The purpose of my Web site is to supply a comprehensive review of some Internet based information, that are often random or scarcely available. The four main items which I do present are in part actually connected with my profession and in part with my hobbies.

The Web site is designed on the basis of 5 main pages:

  1. European political institutions, parties, organizations and scientific research bodies,
  2. Nordic local government,
  3. Italian social life,
  4. satellite based broadcasting,
  5. a page containing some information about myself.

When designing the pages I have put the main emphasis on the informative content and somewhat less emphasis on the use of sophisticated, graphical means. Most of the pages are available in bi-lingual versions: Norwegian and English; either as separate language pages or as combined pages, with the English text put in italics. On the bottom of each page you'll find a «menu ruler», which provides the opportunity of navigating between the sub pages.

It is my wish that you will have a pleasant and useful visit on my Web site !!

Best regards
Per Joergen Olafsen

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